Demo @ VLDB 2020

Our demo entitled “SPHINX: A System for Metapath-based Entity Exploration in Heterogeneous Information Networks” will be presented at VLDB 2020 on September 2nd, 18:15 UTC and September 3rd, 6:15 UTC. SPHINX allows users to define different views over a HIN […]

2020 VLDB Women in Database Research Award

Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki has received the 2020 VLDB Women in Database Research Award for pioneering research on the interaction between hardware micro-architecture and database engine performance. Prof. Ailamaki is the director of DIAS Lab at EPFL and is leading the […]

Survey on Entity Resolution and Similarity Joins

The paper “Blocking and Filtering Techniques for Entity Resolution: A Survey”, by George Papadakis, Dimitrios Skoutas, Emmanouil Thanos and Themis Palpanas, has been published in ACM Computing Surveys. This survey reviews a large number of works under two different but […]

SIGMOD 2020 Panel

Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki participates in the SIGMOD 2020 Plenary Panel “The Next 5 Years: What Opportunities Should the Database Community Seize to Maximize its Impact?” The panel will take place on Tuesday, June 16, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific […]

Webinar: Data Analytics and Machine Learning Made Simple

SmartDataLake participates in a joint Webinar with INFORE and ExtremeEarth projects. The title of the Webinar is “SIMPLIFY – Data Analytics and Machine Learning Made Simple”, and it will take place on 11th of June 2020, 10am – 11am CEST. […]

Project Facts
SmartDataLake is a Research and Innovation action funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.

Project Full Title: Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics

Topic: ICT-12-2018-2020 - Big Data technologies and extreme-scale analytics

Grant Agreement No: 825041

Duration: 36 months (1/2019 – 12/2021)

Coordinated by : IMSI / Athena RC