Athena RC


Athena RC is an R&I partner focusing on ICT. Athena RC participates in the project through its Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI), which has expertise in the areas of big data management, linked data, and large-scale geospatial applications. IMSI is developing technologies and systems for the efficient and scalable management and integration of Big Data assets in diverse Data Economy domains. IMSI has developed integration, fusion, and enrichment technologies for linked geospatial data with validated benefits in terms of coverage, quality, and richness. Further, it is leading national efforts in geospatial data publishing and reuse, being in charge of the national open data catalogue Its dual focus as an innovator and enabler of SMEs active in the geospatial value chain is shaping its research, standardization, and exploitation agenda towards topics with tangible added value and network effects. Finally, IMSI has significant expertise in coordinating and integrating research work in EU and commercial projects.