The SmartDataLake Toolkit

The SmartDataLake toolkit offers a full stack of components for exploring and analyzing data in a data lake, aiming to facilitate data analysts and data scientists through their journey from raw data to actionable insights. In particular, SDL-Virt provides tools for efficient, scalable and streamlined access to large volumes of raw data based on data virtualization, automated management of multiple storage tiers, and approximate query processing over data summaries. SDL-HIN allows to explore and analyze entities in the data lake represented in the form of a heterogeneous information network, including functionalities for similarity search, entity resolution, entity ranking, link prediction, community detection, and change detection. SDL-Vis supports the human in the loop, by offering visual analytics over different types of data, including tabular, graph, spatial and temporal data.

An overview of all the components of the toolkit, as well as links to relevant information, can be found in our new brochure.