Demo @ SIGSPATIAL 2020

Our demo “A Visual Explorer for Geolocated Time Series” by G. Chatzigeorgakidis, K. Patroumpas, D. Skoutas and S. Athanasiou will be presented at the 28th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Thursday, November 5 (see full program here).

The demo presents spaTScope, a web application for visual exploration of geolocated time series. Analyzing such data is becoming increasingly important in many domains, such as energy demand management, geomarketing and geosocial networks. spaTScope allows users to visually explore large collections of geolocated time series and obtain insights about trends and patterns in their area of interest. The provided functionalities leverage a hybrid index that allows to navigate and group the available time series based not only on their similarity but also on spatial proximity. The results are visualized using linked plots combining maps and timelines.