The 1st International Workshop on Data Analytics and Machine Learning Made Simple (SIMPLIFY 2021) will take place online on March 23, in conjunction with the EDBT 2021 Conference.

The aim of the SIMPLIFY workshop is to bring together computer scientists to present recent innovations, find topics of common interest and to stimulate further development of new approaches that greatly simplify the work of a data analyst when performing data analytics, or when employing Machine Learning algorithms, over Big Data.

The workshop program includes several presentations involving work that is carried out in the context of the SmartDataLake project, in particular:

– Storage Management in Smart Data Lake. Haoqiong Bian, Bikash Chandra, Ioannis Mytilinis and Anastasia Ailamaki

– Easy Spark. Ylaise van den Wildenberg, Wouter W.L. Nuijten and Odysseas Papapetrou

– Multi-Attribute Similarity Search for Interactive Data Exploration. Kostas Patroumpas, Alexandros Zeakis, Dimitrios Skoutas and Roberto Santoro

– Speculative Execution of Similarity Queries: Real-Time Parameter Optimization through Visual Exploration. Thilo Spinner, Udo Schlegel, Martin Schall, Fabian Sperrle, Rita Sevastjanova, Beatrice Gobbo, Julius Rauscher, Mennatallah El-Assady and Daniel A. Keim

To attend the workshop, please see registration information for EDBT available here.